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  1. last day of school activities 5th grade Help find none singular or plural sat

    I incorporate a Preschool Curriculum into our daily npne for fun and to prepare the older children for Kindergarten. Each month we concentrate on a different theme.

  2. fun activities for teaching fractions Help find none singular or plural sat

    Seals - Find a new iceberg. Occasionally bury small objects in the sand or snow for the children to find. You can also color it in on white paper.

  3. 3rd grade logic puzzles Help find none singular or plural sat

    Beautiful: Attractive, Pretty, Lovely, Stunning Fair: Just, Objective, Impartial, Unbiased Funny: Humorous, Comical, Hilarious, Hysterical Happy: Content, Joyful, Mirthful, Upbeat Hardworking: Diligent, Determined, Industrious. Enterprising Honest: Honorable, Fair, Sincere, Trustworthy Intelligent: Smart, Bright, Brilliant, Sharp Introverted: Shy, Bashful, Quiet, Withdrawn Kind:Thoughtful, Considerate, Amiable, Gracious Lazy: Idle, Lackadaisical, Lethargic, Indolent Mean: Unfriendly, Unpleasant, Singklar, Difficult Outgoing: Friendly, Sociable, Warm, Extroverted None plural singular or sat Affluent, Wealthy, Well-off, Well-to-do Strong: Stable, Secure, Solid, Tough Unhappy: Sad, Depressed, Melancholy, Miserable Lucky: Auspicious, Fortunate Positive: Optimistic, Lpural, Starry-eyed, Sanguine Bossy: Controlling, Tyrannical Here are some miscellaneous words and their synonyms: Baffle: confuse, deceive Hypocrisy: duplicity, falseness Pacify: appease, placate Recalcitrant: none singular or plural sat, stubborn Turbulent: disordered, violent Valid: authorized, legitimate Old: antiquated, ancient, obsolete, extinct, past, prehistoric, venerable, aged True: genuine, reliable, factual, accurate, precise, correct, valid, real Important: required, substantial, vital, essential, primary, significant, requisite, critical Weak: frail, anemic, feeble, infirm, languid, sluggish, puny, fragile Synonyms Test Below are a list of synonyms related to the adjectives above. Match the right synonym with one of the adjectives above. Loaded Disconsolate Stalwart Clever Cute Truthful Beneficent Convivial Virulent Reserved Languid Jocular Benevolent Assiduous Blissful Answer Key: 1. Happy Additional Resources For more work with synonyms and more synonym examples, check out the following sites: Vancouver Webpages has eighth grade geometry problems synonym dictionary.


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